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User interface design, frontend development & technical consulting for digital products.

More than 8 years of experience in brand design, editorial design, typography, and creative frontend development, as well as freelancing for agencies and running my own business, enable me to give you one of the best experiences, one can have, when working with a digital designer. You can expect clear and effective technical communication with stakeholders, product owners, developers, user experience experts, and other designers to ensure superior quality for your project.

Recent Projects

scanvision Logo

2021 – now

A medical software, that helps radiologists spot potentially harmful nodules and patterns in lung CT scans, through artificial intelligence and machine learning. I joined the team as their first designer, to bring the whole UI and UX to a new level. This was particularly challenging because of the special requirements and practices by doctors as opposed to regular users.

  • UX Concepts,
  • UI Design,
  • Design System
Complex user interface to analyze Lung CT scans
Close up of the Heatmap Features, visualizing distribution of abnomalies
Close up UI Shot for a detected Nodule
UI Shot showing all recognized patterns and their respective data.
UI Shot of the bar chart showing distribution of occuring patterns. Logo

2020 – now

The biggest comparison platform for mobile plans, internet, TV and energy in Austria. I am the sole designer, working very closely in a small team with the frontend lead and CEO to refine, extend and optimise it, as it evolves.

  • UX Concepts,
  • UI Design,
  • Design System
Desktop view of a mobile phone plan comparison on
Filter bar component for choosing the mobile carrier
card component for desktop viewports showing a electricity plan and its details.
responsive Card component showing a mobile phone plan and its details.
Component to start a electricity or gas plan comparison.
Lead Horizon Logo

2021 – 2021

During the COVID19 pandemic, the city of Vienna started the campaign ‘Alles gurgelt!’, providing citizens with free PCR home tests by Lead Horizon. I helped refine the UX flows and designed the UI for the web app that guides users through the testing process.

  • UX Concepts,
  • UI Design,
  • Design System
Starting screen on desktop to start a COVID-19 Test on the Lead Horizon web app.
mobile user interface with radio button choice.
user interface for checking the status of the covid-19 test result
mobile user interface with activated front camera, filming the user while performing the test.
User interface for the dashboard view of the lead horizon web app.
Bambus Logo

2019 – 2022

Initially a one-stop solution to borrow money against property and automatically reinvest to leverage real estate, Bambus is now focusing on partial sales to enable liquidity. I joined them in their early days to refine the brand, design the onboarding process, landing page and a user dashboard.

  • UX Concepts,
  • UI Design,
  • Design System
Desktop view showing details of the provided offer by, with a graph showing the prognosed revenue over 4 years.
mobile landing page hero section of
UI component that shows real estate value over time.
UI component showing a graph that compares debt to investment and revenue.
UI component showing pie charts of wealth sorted by capital and property.

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